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Catalan Style Pistol
with Patilla Style Miquelet Lock, c1710

The stock of this pistol has a transitional Catalonian style. It dates from the late 17th and early 18th century. Older stocks from this area had round and rounded oblong shaped butts. Later ones had the same downward curve from barrel to butt-cap, but with a more pronounced toe at the end (1).

Patilla style miquelet locks have a large external main spring. The spring exerts an upward force on the hammer`s heel. Two horizontal sears pass through the lock plate in front of the hammer. The lower one is the half cock sear. It locks the hammer`s toe in a safe position for loading and carrying the weapon. The upper one is the full cock sear. It prevents the hammer from falling until the trigger is pulled. The earliest known examples of this style are Spanish and date from the late 16th century (2).

Type: Catalan Pistol
Style: Miquelet, Patilla
Country: Spain, Catalonia
Overall Length: 15 7/8 inches
Barrel Length: 9 15/16 inches
Weight: 2 lb, 9 1/4 oz
Bore Diameter: .565 inches, Smooth
Stock: Walnut, Catalan Style
Detailed Description
The swamped barrel is octagonal at the breech inscribed on the top facet with "IHS MARIA IOSEF" (Jesus Mary Joseph). The inscription includes stars and other shapes around the words and in the spaces between them. The barrel tang is plain and fastened with a screw that originates at the trigger guard. Where the barrel transitions to round, the waist section has one large ring bordered by two smaller ones. The barrel is held to a full walnut stock with a barrel band and spring. There are vine and flower shaped pierced silver plates, inlaid around and behind the top barrel tang, cheeks of the stock, trigger, trigger guard, screw-plate, forward of the lock, and on both sides of the forestock (3). The silver tipped ramrod appears to be the original. The butt plate of the stock is made of tortoise shell. It is held in place by a silver strap pinned to the stock around the circumference of the plate. The patilla style miquelet lock has floral engraving on the plate, bridles, jaws, and the toe of the hammer. The top jaw screw has the shape of a pierced ball. There is a brass lined makers mark on the front of the frizzen, surrounded by floral engraving. It contains three lines of text, "VI", "LAP", and "DEII".

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Unknown Maker
Please let us know if you have any information on this maker.
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