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Left-Hand Parrying Dagger, Circa 1530
This excavated Left-Hand Spanish Parrying Dagger was reportedly found near the Rio Grande river in New Mexico. It may date from exploration of the area by Coronado 1540-1542 (1). The 5 inch hilt has a large scent-stopper shaped pommel, a curved cross-guard (quillon) and a side ring guard (anneau) fitted with an openwork metal plate. The previous owner stabilized the side ring plate using solder. The 13 3/4 inch needle-point blade has two grooves (fullers) on each side.
Type: Left-Hand Parrying Dagger
Style: Ring / Anneau (Fr)
Country: Spain (?)
Overall Length: 18 3/4 inches
Overall Width: 8 1/4 inches
Hilt Length: 5 inches
Blade Length: 13 3/4 inches
Weight: 1 lb 4/4 oz
Grip: Missing

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(1) The Journey of Coronado, 1540-1542
by Pedro de Castaneda de Nagera, Antonio de Mendoza, and Juan Camilo Jaramillo

(1) Blades of the Conquistadors
The Jack Williams Collection, American Digger Magazine, Nov-Dec 2006

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